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Word Search Puzzles for Kids - PRINTABLE PDF

  • $590

This large collection of ready to print word find puzzles will keep the kids busy for hours. Each puzzle is centered on a topic specially selected to keep them engaged. They'll be learning new things about the world they live in while having fun looking for the hidden words.

Illustrated with entertaining pictures, each of the 60 puzzles prints to one letter sized or A4 sheet of paper. Each puzzle grid measures 13x13 and contains 15 hidden words. This makes the puzzles challenging, but not frustratingly so. We recommend this PDF for ages 9 and up, but your child may be ready for it at a younger age.

The puzzles in this PDF will expand your child's horizons, develop their powers of concentration, train their visual acuity and even help them with their spelling. That makes a lot of benefits from something that will also keep them quietly entertained. 

PRINTABLE PDF: After purchase, we will email you a download link.

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