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Word Fill In Puzzles - PRINTABLE PDF

  • $490

With this large value pack of 60 high quality puzzles, you will be sure to have many hours of puzzling enjoyment. Each grid and its accompanying words prints to one sheet of letter or A4 sized paper. That means you will be able to easily see the words and there is plenty of space in the grid to fill in the letters.

Word fill-ins look a little like a regular crossword, but there is one big difference. You are given all of the words at the beginning. Your job is to figure out the one and only way that all of the words can fit into the grid. These sort of puzzles will train your deductive reasoning as well as your motor skills and eyesight.

Each puzzle has approximately 70 words to fill into a 15x15 grid. Just as in a crossword, the words include some proper nouns, some abbreviations and a few phrases. We're pretty sure there will be a few words you don't know, so you might want to keep a dictionary at hand to improve your vocabulary while having fun.

PRINTABLE PDF:   After payment, we will email you a download link.

PRINTABLE PDF: After purchase, we will email you a download link.

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