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Number Fill In Puzzles, Volume 1 - PRINTABLE PDF

  • $490

This big printable puzzle book includes 60 number fill-ins so you will be guaranteed many hours of puzzling fun. Each puzzle appears on a separate page and the solutions are included at the back of the book. All sixty puzzles are drawn on 15 by 15 grids and average a little more than seventy numbers to fill in.

The page layout is optimized for filling ease and puzzling pleasure for people with average vision and manual dexterity. Number fill-ins are a great way to exercise your mind and your eyesight at the same time and we recommend the book for puzzlers of all ages.

For the first 18 puzzles in the book, one of the numbers has already been filled in to help get you started. The remaining 42 puzzles are blank at the start and therefore a little more challenging. PRINTABLE PDF: After purchase, we will email you a download link.

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