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Animal Word Search Puzzles - PRINTABLE PDF

  • $590

This printable puzzle book is a celebration of the amazing diversity and abundance of the animal kingdom. Immerse yourself, your kids, or your students in the wonderful world of all that slithers, soars and scampers across the earth.

The 50 puzzles included here are on a wide range of subjects and we are sure you will be entertained for many hours looking for the hidden animal words. You will find hundreds and hundreds of different animals and probably quite a few you have never heard of! These puzzles are good for ages 9 and up and are fairly challenging. Look for words hidden in all directions: forwards, backwards, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Each word search prints to one sheet of letter or A4 sized paper and the solutions, which are included at the end, print two to a page. The puzzles are in grayscale which will help you save on printing costs. The letter grids measure 19 by 19 and there are about 24 words to look for in each grid.

PRINTABLE PDF: After purchase, we will email you a download link.

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