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Nursery Rhyme Cryptograms - PRINTABLE PDF

  • $390

Here are 72 cryptograms ready for you to solve. All of these puzzles are quotes from nursery rhymes, which doesn't mean they are for babies. Each cryptogram is a classic substitution cipher meaning that each different letter of the original rhyme has been replaced by a new letter in the puzzle.

No punches are pulled here: Every letter receives one and only one substitution letter and all letters have been encoded.

The cryptogram book is in PDF format which means it will print right every time.

In case you get stuck, each cryptogram comes with two hints. The hints are printed on separate pages so you won't risk seeing the solution or the other hint if you do decide to go for a little help. Once you've solved the cryptogram, you will have a nursery rhyme to enjoy. You will find all of the solutions at the end of the book so you won't be left wondering if you get truly stuck. 


PRINTABLE PDF: After purchase, we will email you a download link.

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